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    Project Wrap Up

    Project Wrap Up


    In this lesson, students will put the finishing touches on their project—either completing uploading their files or working on artifacts and enhancements to really make their self-portrait stand out.


    • Read the lesson and student content.
    • Anticipate student difficulties and identify the differentiation options you will choose for working with your students.

    Project Work Goals

    • Students will likely be in very different places today. Some students might be completely finished with their project work while some might still be encountering difficulties as they try to get their work uploaded for publication.
    • There will be different options for students, depending on where they are in their projects.
    • SWD: Assist students if they are struggling to identify good goals. Consider grouping those who need extra help and working with them as a way of providing support.


    Decide what your project work goals will be for this lesson.

    • Check your Planning Calendar and see what you have left to do. Will you be continuing to upload documents or working on enhancements to your project?

    Open Notebook

    Share your goals with your teacher.

    Work Time Options

    • Make sure your expectations for this Work Time are clear. Even if students have finished all the requirements, there are still many things they can do to improve their final project.
    • The Enhancement Options are for students who have finished all of project requirements and are looking to enrich their work. ELL: Be sure that ELLs are engaging in the activity successfully. If you find that some students need support, consider grouping those who need extra help together to work with them.

    Work Time

    You’re almost done! This lesson and the next are your final days to upload your work, make sure everything looks the way you want it to, and to add any finishing touches to your project.

    Read through the following options and decide which best fits your project’s needs. Share your choice with your teacher.

    • Option 1: Uploading and Previewing. Do you still have a fair amount of work to do to make sure that all your files are in the appropriate places and everything looks the way you want it to? Spend this Work Time uploading your files, previewing chapters, and making any revisions necessary.
    • Option 2: Enhancements. If you’ve finished uploading all your chapters, you can spend this Work Time finding ways to enhance your work further. Read through the Enhancement Options and find ways to make your self-portrait live up to your vision.
    • Option 3: Other. As you have been working, have you discovered one or more things you need to change or fix in your project? Use today’s Work Time to make these adjustments, as necessary. Remember that all of your chapters and artifacts must be complete before Lesson 26.

    Project Work

    • You may want to allow students who are ahead and who wish to help classmates to serve as “teaching assistants” for those who are still struggling with technical aspects of this project. ELL: Allow ELLs to use their primary language if they are paired with a student who speaks the same language.
    • Remind students of the Publishing Tips and Tricks class chart.

    Work Time

    Continue to work on your self-portrait. Focus on the goals you need to accomplish today.

    • Option 1 : Uploading and Previewing
    • Option 2 : Enhancements
    • Option 3 : Other

    Project Progress

    • The next lesson will be mostly a final check to make sure students’ work is exactly as they want it. It will also be a time for students to decide which chapter they want to share in the class anthology.
    • If time allows, have a few students share what they are pleased with and what they are struggling with. The class may be able to brainstorm a few solutions to classmates’ problems. SWD: Check in with students to assess their progress; provide specific feedback about what they have accomplished and what needs to be completed for homework.


    Revisit your goals for the day and your Planning Calendar.

    • Is everything as you want it to be? What do you still need to accomplish?
    • What chapter are you most pleased with so far? What chapter do you have the most reservations about? Explain.

    Open Notebook

    Final Steps

    • Remind students that they need to be finished building their project before the next lesson.


    Complete any final steps you have!

    • Before the next lesson, all files must be edited, imported, and uploaded, with all chapters in their final form.
    • Log your progress in your Planning Calendar.