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    Aerobic Asheville

    Aerobic Asheville


    This is an aerobic activity that uses the facts and cuture surrounding Asheville, NC to create an imaginitive tour.  It was orignally created for remote learning via Google Meet.

    Elementary Physical Education

    Aerobic Asheville Warm-up

    (A culturally responsive tour through Asheville, NC)

    K-5 PE 

    The teacher has to become the tour guide as well as the aerobic instructor.  You may ask students to put on their touring clothes, and strap on their imagination hats etc.  This is a walking tour.  The students (and the teacher) march or jog in place until asked to do another activity.


    • Asheville was named in honor of the 9th Governor of NC; Samuel Nash

      • Jump and count to 9

    • It is known to be a tourist destination.  It’s baseball team’s Mascot is the Tourist.

      • Mimic the following baseball moves in succession and repeat the sequence 5 times

        • Hit (Swing as if holding a bat)

        • Catch (jump and hold both hands as if catching a fly ball)

        • Throw (using proper throwing form mimic throwing a ball)

    • Asheville is adjacent to 8 National and State Parks

      • Mimic searching with hand over eyes as if to shield from glare; the other hand extended and pointing.  Jump in wide stance knees slightly bent.

      • Jump up and make a ¼ turn, land in stance facing opposite direction switching which hand is extended and which is shielding eyes.

      • Repeat 8 times for each of the parks.

      • You may shout as if finding each of the parks, and count all 8.

    • Asheville has 4 rivers that flow close by

      • Jump off of a “rock” into the “water” and swim-  That’s the French Broad.

      • Climb back onto your “rock”, jump into the Green River and swim.

      • Jump Off the “rock” into the Swannanoa River to swim.

      • Finally climb the “rock” and jump into the Catawba River for a swim

        • The teacher can mimic different types of swimming strokes while jogging around or lie on a mat and move arms and legs as if swimming.

        • The teacher may add information about the rivers depending on grade level.  

          • Broad is a general term for a river used by the French settlers

          • Catawba River is named for a native people that dewled here

          • Swannanoa River derived from the Cherokee name for a path

          • The Green River is named for its deep green color.  It runs through a wildlife conservation area and is controlled by a dam.


    • There are over 200 waterfalls in the surrounding parks and forests.

      • Teacher and students hold hands over head and become the water falling all the way to the ground

      • Count to 200 by tens

    • Asheville is also known for its architecture.

      • The Basilica of Saint Lawrence is the largest freestanding elliptical Dome in North America

        • Teacher and students do 10 ellipticals (Teacher may add as much or as little correlating information as students need here.)

    • Speaking of Architecture!  The Biltmore house first owned by Goerge Vanderbuilt took a community of craftsmen 6 years to complete.  It was first opened to friends and family on Christmas Eve 1895.

      • There are 35 Bedrooms

        • Kick the covers off of 35 beds (35 alternating front kicks)

      • There are 43 bathrooms 

        • Do 43 Potty jumps (Cross one leg in front of the other, jump legs apart, jump crossing the other leg in front. Repeat counting on each jump)

      • There are 65 fireplaces

        • Stand and flick arms out in all directions 65 times as if very quickly pointing to every fireplace.

    • The craftsmen working on the Biltmore House were all very skilled. White, black and brown craftsmen all worked together on the estate.  George Vanderbuilt agreed to give a loan to Black leaders who built The YMI.  

      • Teacher and students make YMI letters with their arms.

      • Kind of like the YMCA (make letters) but more.

      • It was a bustling area built by the same craftsman that built the Biltmore House.  It serves as a cultural center and museum today in downtown Asheville.

    • Fist to Five Assessment:  The teacher/ tour guide announces that we have ended our tour and it is time to do an assessment.  We check in with our heart by placing a hand on our chest.  The other hand makes a fist for resting HR all the way up to 5 for vigorous HR.

    • After the HR assessment, the teacher can choose to offer follow up on any of the spots in the tour, give students a chance to ask questions or comment on spots along the tour, or let students add their own spots to tour in the city.


    NOTE: The lesson is designed to be a vigorous workout with culturally relevant information for the students of Vance Elementary School in Asheville, NC.  Any teacher can use the idea and adapt it to the culture of your school, city, town, etc.

    2nd NOTE:  This lesson was first created as a remote learning lesson taught through a Google Meet.  It can also serve as an in-class lesson.