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This resource is a presentation of the time periods of music. There is an assignment for students to complete after going through the presentation.
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Marian Faulkner
on Mar 22, 01:04pm Evaluation

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The title suggests this is the history of all music; however, it is about classical music. It is focused on Eurocentric music traditions and experiences and omits other cultural experiences of music - classical or otherwise. At the end, in the Modern and Beyond slide, there is a missed opportunity to include ways classical music has influenced other diverse genres of music. Using the Tool for Identifying Bias, the Eurocentric and Christian experiences focused on in the resource leave it omitting marginalized groups.
Marylaura McKoon, Shelly Watson, and Marian Faulkner

Drew Spice on Mar 19, 08:13am

Overall I found the slideshow to be a good general overview of Western Music History, but I would love for it to include music from outside this scope. The last slide seemed to be a bit subjective about the merits of 12-tone music, which can be a slippery slope as it presents certain tonalities as "normal" and increases bias against music which does not conform to a certain aesthetic. Women composers could certainly also have been included, especially in the 20th Century.



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