DNA Replication (AIG IRP)

Lesson Overview

Brief Description of Lesson/Task/Activity: The task has two parts. Part 1 is answering questions about DNA replication to ensure that students can construct their own understanding of DNA replication, and the second part is to create a product modeling DNA replication.

This task can be used as an introduction to DNA and protein synthesis or before the subject is taught so that the students can develop their own understanding and questions about the role and process of DNA replication.

Time Frame: 5-7 days

Type of Differentiation for AIGs:

  • Enrichment
  • Extension
  • Acceleration

Adaptations for AIGs:

  • Content
  • Process
  • Product

Explanation of How Resource is Appropriate for AIGs: This task requires the student to move beyond the regular curriculum, develop an understanding of the relationship between all of the proteins involved in DNA replication, transfer their knowledge to a product to explain the concept to other students, answer higher level questions, incorporate independent study, and use creativity in the development of their model.

Needed Resources/Materials:

  • Computer with internet
  • Materials to make the model-poster board or science fair board, variety of craft supplies or variety of types of candy (Twizzlers work well for DNA strands)


Teacher Notes: The websites listed above are only a few of the sites that students can use; they are only suggestions. If students are given these, you may want to require that they find 2 more sources on their own. Please also note that many of them require Adobe Flash Player, which will no longer be supported after December 2020.