DNA Replication (AIG IRP)

Stage 1: Engage

DNA makes us who and what we are! In order for all of cells to function and make us who we are, DNA must replicate each time new cells form or divide.

DNA can replicate in human cells up a rate of 50 nucleotides per second! This is actually slow compared to prokaryotes, which replicate at a rate of up to 100 nucleotides per second. Why do you think prokaryotes are able to replicate faster? (hint:  compare chromosome structures) Before we can understand how DNA makes us “us,” we need to understand how it replicates. The number of “parts” used in DNA replication is amazing. All of the proteins and nucleotides must be ready at a specific time. In this task, you will generate your own understanding of how all of the parts work together to make a new DNA strand.