DNA Replication (AIG IRP)

Stage 3: Evaluate

Part 1 - Check for correct answers

Part 8 Answers:

  • If helicase did not work properly several things could happen- DNA replication may never start or if it did, the entire strand might not be copied.
  • If The DNA polymerase added the incorrect nucleotide- an incorrect amino acid may be coded for during protein synthesis IF that piece of the DNA were part of a gene that was expressed by the cell was in.
  • If Ligase appeared before the strand was completed, the fragments that were complete would be put together as they were- before they were checked for mistakes
  • If only 1 replication fork opened, the entire strand of DNA would probably never be fully replicate because it would take too long and the enzymes needed would not be made for that length of time.
  • If the SSBs were malformed-the 2 strands would reattach to each other and replication could not occur.

Part 2 - Develop a rubric using a 4-point scale and include the following:

  • Model is easy to read
  • Model has all of the needed proteins 
  • The 5’ and 3’ ends are labeled
  • Okazaki fragments are aligned in the correct direction
  • Leading and lagging strands have the correct orientation
  • Correct use of model in explaining DNA replication
  • Citing of sources on model

Teacher Notes: Other materials may be used to make the model. Allow students the opportunity to come up with their own materials or give suggestions. Some students will need more guidance on the creativity aspect of this task. If you have insect issues, it would be better to not use candy or to store the model in a refrigerator!