Recipes for Disaster! (AIG IRP)

Lesson Overview

Brief Description of Lesson/Task/Activity: Within the earth science strand of 7th grade science, students focus on understanding the cycling of matter in and out of Earth’s atmosphere.  In this task, students will research five weather phenomena and use this information to create five “recipes for disaster” to be compiled for a class analysis for similarities and differences and a general understanding of the importance of temperature, pressure, and humidity in weather.  The web/text research and result analysis, as well as the creative writing nature of this lesson, allow students to build content understanding while promoting 21st Century Skills.

Time Frame: 3 class periods (~180 minutes)

Type of Differentiation for AIGs:

  • Acceleration

Adaptations for AIGs:

  • Process
  • Product

Explanation of How Resource is Appropriate for AIGs: AIG students in the middle grades have been exposed to basic weather content throughout their elementary science courses. As a result, they are ready to perform individual weather phenomena research and understand its content with minimal teacher input.  Once students have distilled these weather phenomena to their basic “parts,” they will also quickly arrive at a greater understanding of the role of specific factors in weather types.  The creative writing aspect of this assignment will also allow AIG students to interact with the non-fiction information and demonstrate student understanding in a more interesting manner.

Needed Resources/Materials:

  • Copy of “Recipe for Weather” for class viewing (see attached)
  • List of weather phenomena
  • Computer with internet and printing access

Sources: “Recipe for Weather” from

Teacher Notes: If students do not have experience with citing information sources, consider spending some time demonstrating where different pieces of this information can be found on various websites.  Also, consider allowing all students to use a reference generator like “Son of Citation Maker” at to improve student compliance with citing sources. The teacher may also want to create a Word or Publisher  template to be stored on the school’s student file drive if consistency of format is expected for student submissions.