Recipes for Disaster! (AIG IRP)

Stage 2: Elaborate

Assign five of the following weather terms to each student in a group of four-five students. Students should document the use of at least three sites for each term to encourage research validation.   As students begin their research, the teacher should be prepared to ask guiding questions such as: “What factors in the environment are required for that weather phenomenon to occur?”  “Does this phenomenon occur more often in a particular area of the world? Why?” “Does this phenomenon occur more often during a certain time frame? Why?”  “Does this phenomenon occur higher or lower in the troposphere?” “How do the weather factor ingredients combine—is there a diagram that shows this process?” “How does the movement of water through the hydrologic (water) cycle contribute to this phenomenon?”

Provide time for students to complete any remaining research and create their recipes with illustrations. Two copies of each recipe should be printed – one for teacher assessment use, one for class use in tomorrow’s culminating activity.

Hand out each group’s activity copies and allow those students to share them out or perform a “gallery walk” at their group to view and read them.  Students within each group should be looking for and recording specific similarities and differences among their recipes.  Students may even choose to physically classify or group recipes in different piles based on these similarities and differences. Students should also be looking for and recording broad commonalities across these groups.  

Next, students should discuss as a class the similarities, differences, and patterns that they have seen.  The teacher should guide the discussion as necessary to ensure that students understand the role of temperature, pressure, and humidity in weather.

Students should complete a ticket-out-the-door reflection for the activity using the question “What are the main factors in forming different types of weather and what examples can be used to support your reasoning?”