Nancy Childress
English Language Arts
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Lesson Plan
Upper Primary
4, 5
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    At Home Learning Lesson Plan: Inferencing with Poetry

    At Home Learning Lesson Plan: Inferencing with Poetry


    This lesson is for Grades 4 - 5 on literacy. At Home Learning Lessons are a partnership between the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, PBS North Carolina, and the William and Ida Friday Institute for Educational Innovation.  Each lesson contains a video instructional lesson, a PDF lesson plan with a transcript, and a PDF file of extension activities.

    Lesson Overview

    This lesson plan, Inferencing with Poetry, is a video based lesson for grades 4-5. Attached to this lesson is the YouTube video link to the video lesson and PDF files of the lesson plan and extension activities.

    Learning Goals:

    • I can make inferences about a poem by citing evidence from the text.