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Social Studies
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  • Colonization
  • Exploration
  • Mercantilism
  • Salutary Neglect
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    Education Standards

    9-12 American History 1: "Rapping" Up Our History

    9-12 American History 1: "Rapping" Up Our History



    Students will rewrite a modern song with lyrics summarizing reasons for exploration and colonization

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    Project Description

    Name of Project“Rapping” up our History
    Subject AreaAmerican History 1
    Targeted StandardsAH 1 H.3.1: Analyze how economic, political, social, military and religious factors influenced European exploration and American colonial settlement
    Driving Question / Problem / ActivatorWhat factors led Europeans to become interested in exploring and eventually colonizing the New World?
    Project SummaryStudents will rewrite a modern song with lyrics summarizing reasons for exploration and colonization
    Estimated Time3 days (45 minutes each class period)
    Materials / Resources (including link to slideshow if available)Ipad, class notes, microphone
    Tagscolonization, exploration, mercantilism, salutary neglect

    Project Outline 

    AskHow can I rewrite song lyrics in a modern song to reflect the period of exploration and colonization of the Americas?
    ImagineImagine you are Lin Manuel Miranda or Drake and create a modernized version of this historical time period
    PlanResearch events, choose at least 10, and pick a modern song
    CreateRewrite lyrics using events from this time period; record your song with audio or video equipment
    ImproveDid your new song teach the listener about your time period?
    Closure / Student ReflectionsStudents share their songs and as well as successes and failures throughout the project.
    Possible Modifications / ExtensionsStudents use different song that might be better suited for rewrite.

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