William Allred, Carrie Robledo
Civics and Economics
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High School
  • Civics and Economics
  • Equilibrium Price
  • GooseChase
  • Law of Demand
  • Marginal Utility
  • Scarcity
  • Supply and Demand
  • Surplus
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    Education Standards

    9-12 Civics and Economics: Supply and Demand GooseChase

    9-12 Civics and Economics: Supply and Demand GooseChase


    Student teams will work together both inside and outside the classroom to complete a “GooseChase” scavenger hunt.  Students will demonstrate mastery of the principles of supply and demand.

    Instructor Directions

    Engineering Design Process

    Project Description

    Name of ProjectSupply and Demand - Civics and Economics GooseChase (2019)
    Subject AreaAmerican History: Founding Principles, Civics & Economics
    Targeted StandardsFP.E.1.3 - Explain how supply and demand determine equilibrium price and quantity produced (e.g., any market example –apples, tires, etc.).FP.E.1.4 - Analyze the ways in which incentives and profits influence what is produced and distributed in a market system (e.g., supply, demand, free enterprise, What to produce? How to produce it? How much to produce? For whom to produce it? etc.).
    Driving Question / Problem / ActivatorHow can a team of student learners review and refresh their knowledge of supply and demand principles?
    Project SummaryStudent teams will work together both inside and outside the classroom to complete a “GooseChase” scavenger hunt.  Students will demonstrate mastery of the principles of supply and demand.
    Estimated Time90 Minutes
    • ~10 minutes Pre-Test (Google Forms link)
    • ~10 minutes GooseChase introduction, expectations, and rules
    • ~45 minutes GooseChase game time
    • ~10 minutes Post-Test (Google Forms link) to check for improved mastery of learning goals
    • ~15 minutes debrief and review of key concepts (based on student progress)
    Materials / Resources (including link to slideshow if available)
    TagsSupply and Demand, Scarcity, Surplus, Equilibrium Price, Law of Demand, Marginal Utility, Civics and Economics, GooseChase

    Project Outline 

    AskHow can I use GooseChase to engage my students in a review of supply and demand economics principles?
    ImagineImagine your students finding ways to become excited and engaged about applying the skills they have learned in your economics unit.
    • This project is intended for use as a review after students have learned basic economics principles.
    • It is recommended that teachers download and review the game in advance to ensure it is appropriate for their students.
    • Locate a reliable WiFi-connected digital device for each student team.  Ensure the free GooseChase App is loaded on each device.
    • Log in to GooseChase on your teacher device, and locate the game (links are provided above.
    • It is strongly recommended that you “test” the GooseChase App and game on each student device prior to beginning the lesson.
    • Consider appropriate behavioral expectations and safety procedures for your students during this activity.
    • Plan clear boundaries for this activity.  Let students clearly know which areas are “out-of-bounds.”  You might choose to allow students to play in your classroom, on your hall, or throughout your school building.
    • Ensure you have sufficient additional adult supervision in place before beginning this game.  This is a good opportunity to involve other faculty or staff, or trusted parent volunteers.
    • Establish clear behavioral standards and safety protocols for students while participating in this game in advance, before beginning.  Ensure additional adult supervision is on hand.
    • Be sure to use the Pre-Test / Post-Test (Google Form link) to allow students to demonstrate their mastery of the learning goals.
    • Continuously monitor student safety and performance during the game.  You may use the “Activity Feed” feature in GooseChase to monitor student performance live.
    • Plan additional review or re-teaching for any learning standards individual students have not yet mastered by the end of this activity.
    ImproveFeel free to modify or create your own GooseChase games!
    Closure / Student ReflectionsTeachers will have two opportunities to assess their students’ learning process during this game.  First, during the game, teachers are able to monitor live student progress and answer submissions using the “Activity Feed” feature.  Second, the Google Forms Pre-Test and Post-Test (link below) will allow students to demonstrate progress toward mastery of learning goals.
    Possible Modifications / ExtensionsFor advanced learners, a slightly more challenging version of the same game is also available, called “Civics and Economics: Supply and Demand (2019) (Advanced)”, “Game Code” NXEV5R, (CLICK HERE - ).

    Evaluation (Pre/Post)  

    Links to Google Forms


    Pretest Link: 

    Post-test Link: 



    Additional Resources / Help for teaching this lesson

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