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Exploring Cultural Identity Using PodCasts


This assignment was made for an English II class. It uses various PodCasts epsidoes to explore culture. 

Exploring Cultural Identity via PodCasts

Exploring Cultural Identity through Podcasts


Overview: This assignment is designed for a 10th grade English II class. The focus of the English II curriculum is culture: cultural identity, defining culture, and culture clash. This activity utilizes podcasts to bring real-life stories of people grappling with these topics into the classroom. I chose three podcasts to use in my class: Gamun-Pyul: Radio Rookies, Juan, 25 years later: Radio Diaries, “Halfrician'' Revisited: Radio Diaries. Keep in mind that there are countless such Podcasts to choose from.


Student Handout:


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Lesson Breakdown:


  • Ensure you have listened to the Podcast yourself prior to introducing the assignment.
  • Introduce the class to the podcasts which you will listen to that day. If it is a 2-parter or a revisit-type format, explain that to them.
  • As students listen, I encourage them to take notes. *see student handout link*
  • Once the podcast is over, walk students through the soapsTONE questions via the board. Encourage discussion and have students write down answers on their worksheet.
  • Lastly, have students use their notes and information gleaned from the class soapsTONE discussion to construct a 1-2 page reflection on the episode. This final reflection may be submitted as a simple written assignment or as a Discussion Board in Canvas or as a discussion using Padlet. *see student handout link* If you utilize the discussion board submission format, you may wish to require students to also comment on one another's submissions.