Using Wonders text and their Reading/Writing Companion, students will learn why people immigrate to new places. Students will learn the difference in primary and secondary resources and why it is important to know where to get information. After reading texts from Wonders, students will use Google Earth to explore the places mentioned in the text and complete a Padlet discussing what they notice and wonder about the different locations. Students will be given an interactive note taking sheet on Jamboard to utilize as they read “The Castle on Hester Street”. Students will once again use Google Earth to explore Ellis Island as they begin to read “Next Stop, America!” and will complete a PearDeck text feature hunt. This will lead to a formative assessment where students will use FlipGrid to create a journal entry portraying themselves as an immigrant coming to America in the 1800’s.
Information and Technology, English Language Arts, Reading Informational Text, Social Studies, American History
Lower Primary, Upper Primary
Grade 3
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Activity/Lab, Assessment, Diagram/Illustration, Homework/Assignment, Interactive, Lesson, Lesson Plan, Presentation, Primary Source, Reading
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