Nancy Childress
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    Quadrilateral Riddle

    Quadrilateral Riddle


    This lesson is for grade 3 on math. At Home Learning Lessons are a partnership between the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, PBS North Carolina, and the William and Ida Friday Institute for Educational Innovation. 

    Each lesson contains a video instructional lesson, a PDF lesson plan with a transcript, and a PDF file of extension activities.

    Lesson Overview

    This lesson plan, Quadrilateral Riddle, is a video based lesson for grade 3. Attached to this lesson is the YouTube video link to the video lesson and PDF files of the lesson plan and extension activities.

    Learning Goals:

    • Quadrilaterals are closed shapes/polygons that have exactly 4 sides 
    • Squares have 4 equal sides and 4 right angles/square corners 
    • A rhombus has 4 equal sides, NOT 4 right angles/square corners 
    • Rectangles are not squares because they have opposite equal sides rather than 4 equal sides.