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2nd grade Story Retelling with Coding Robots (ozobots/sphero)

2nd grade Story Retelling with Coding Robots (ozobots/sphero)


This activity is designed to help students retell a story in sequence in a unique way using coding robots such as spheros and ozobots.

Lesson Plan

Driving Question / Scenario

How can I use ozobots or spheros to retell or sequence the events of a story?

Project Summary

As a class we will read There was an old lady who Swallowed a clover.  Then students will have to sequence the items that the lady swallows from the story.  Students will use a coding robot (ozobot/sphero) to sequence the events from the story.

Estimated Time

1 hour 

Materials / Resources

Ozobots or spheros (some sort of coding robot), book There was an old Lady who Swallowed a Clover by Lucille Colandro (can also be done with any book in the series) ; pictures of items that the old lady swallowed that are either printed or hand-drawn (sequence cards

If using ozobots–Have  sets of black, red, green, and blue markers.


IT.2.IN.1 Understand appropriate procedures when reading for enjoyment and information.

IT.2.TT.1 Use technology tools and skills to reinforce classroom concepts and activities

Project Outline

After reading the story:

Go over vocabulary:


Color Code 




The teacher shows them the Ozobot, the small robot they will be working with today. The student explains that the robot is coded by using color codes. The teacher then demonstrates how the robot will follow a path of black ink, responding to the code.



The teacher guides sample students through volunteer testing of Ozobots at the front of the room, demonstrating that they follow a marker path! 


The teacher may opt to include a review of the color code reference sheet included in the kit, explaining how the Ozobots can also respond to code series. 


How can we plan and create a path for the ozobots/spheros to follow as we retell the story There was an old lady who swallowed a clover?

How can we map out a story using ozobots? 


Think about KWL–Think about background knowledge for both the story and the tech tool that we are using.  

What do we already know about the stories in this series? (i,.e. A woman eats things throughout the story and then at the end it sometimes makes something)  

What do you already know about how coding robots (spheros or ozobots) work?  

What do you want or need to know to help you plan a path for retell?


Plan a path for the coding robot.

Practice your retell of the story using the sequence cards.  

Make sure this is a pathway that your robot can do.  


Create the pathway and test it out.  

This occurs in a small group environment. The teacher will call seven or less students at a time to use the markers in the small group area to trace the path. The students can use a solid black path or add color codes to the Ozobots journey. 


The students will then watch the Ozobots travel through their sequencing/story retell.


If an error in the path/bug in the code occurs, the path can be revisited. Remember, the Ozobot’s path has to be solid and continuous!


Did the pathway for the ozobot work? 

Introduce terminology “bugs” and how to fix if not working correctly 

 Or if not way to improve then possible–extension using color codes found here: (maybe select a few instead of the whole sheet)

Closure / Student Reflections

Give students the opportunity to look at the paths that their peers created.  Discuss how their paths are similar and different.

Possible Modifications / Extensions

Task cards for early finishers 

Generic jamboard for engineering design process