Kinsi King
English Language Arts
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Lesson Plan
High School
  • Character Analysis
  • Character Development
  • Fallacy
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    "The Crucible" One Pager


    For students to show understanding of character development and theme after reading The Crucible, have them create a one-pager.  This has students pulling text, applying it using Bloom's Taxonomy, and creating a visual.

    One Pager

                                                 The Crucible One Pager

    Instructions:  First, select ONE character from the play with which to construct your one-pager.  Then, follow the instructions below to complete the assignment.

    1.  One key quote for each act that reveals character motivation.

    2. One example of a rhetorical appeal from each act that reveals character.

    3. One example of a fallacy from each act that helps drive the plot.

    4. One literary device from each act-labeled correctly.

    5. Two questions with answers (top of Bloom’s level)

    • Prioritize _________________ according to ____________?               
    • What would you suggest for _________________?
    • What might happen if ___________________?
    • What criteria would you use to assess _________________?
    • Do you agree that ________________? Explain.
    • How does _______________ compare/contrast with ________________?

       ​​​​​​​6.  The thematic statement that this character embodies and helps reveal throughout the play.

       7.  Visual that relates to all of the information above and the character you picked.

    Use this linked chart to help keep your information organized.