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Education Standards

Math Menu: Time 2.7


  Name:_______________________ Math Menu Standard 2.7     

Goal: I can tell time by looking at a digital clock and analog, using a.m. and p.m. 

Complete each row of blocks by completing 2 out of the 3 options for each row. Once 2 are completed in your math notebook, have the row signed off by by your teacher.


Teacher Check-in ________

Watch this QR code to learn more about telling time and practice your skills!  generate.generate


**The little hand tells the __________________


**The big hand tells the __________________


Draw and label a clock in your math notebooks. Label the minute hand and count by 5’s 

*Practice counting by 5’s by coloring in multiples of 5.(5, 10, 15…..) Link to the 100 chart 


*Practice counting by 5’s out loud until you can recite them without looking. 


*Recite them to your teacher

Teacher Check-in _______

What time is it? 







Play a game!


Choose a deck of “Judy Clock” cards with a partner to play a game. One partner reads the card to their partner while the other partner creates the time on the Judy Clock. Check your partner’s answer. Continue playing until you get 3 correct in a row. 


*Switch roles with your partner!  

Listen to “The Grouchy Ladybug,” online by scanning this QR code


Students will complete a fill in the blank for every other character in the story and then go back and draw the clock to match the timeLink to worksheets 

Teacher Check-in ________

With a partner, play “A.M. P.M” match the events on the cards to either a.m. or p.m. based on the event & pictures. Record the game in your math notebook. 

Play the app “Telling Time,“ on the ipad 

Link to the game. will download to iPads

Choose 3 events from the book “All in One Hour,” to draw and label on a clock. Label the event, clock, & time in your math notebook.





 Mini-lesson on Monday to introduce analog clocks, digital clocks, and labeling a.m. and p.m.  and review each day while working on the Math Menu.

  • The hour hand, short hand (explain it is that hour until it crosses the next)

  • The minute hand, the long hand 

  • Practice counting by 5’s 

  • Each number on the clock symbolizes another 5 minutes. 

  • Quarter, half, quarter till, relate to money and review 

  • Introduce the “Judy Clocks,” we will be using 

    • how we use them, by moving the hands to match 

  • practice a couple digital times and making them on the Judy Clock 

  • Go over the squares 

  • Explain the new rule of completing a row of ⅔ squares