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This task allows students to apply literary techniques employed in a text.  Although this is for And the Mountains Echoed, it is easily adapted to fit any work of fiction.  Often students will create a wheel because information stems out from the center, but allowing more creative freedom and letting students use an object that is more specific to the text is certainly encouraged.
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Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12
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GABRIELLE LAMB on Dec 05, 05:28pm

I am looking at this from the view of an ES SLMC (but have been a MS AIG teacher); I think the concept is creative.

*Partial integration of information literacy strategies.

*Collaboration between SLMC and teacher could be added.

*Strengths: student choice, calls for creativity

*Opportunities: Would the student be able to find 12 literary terms in a given book? (Again, I am from ES and MS.) Could possibly allow the student to create this digitally.

LEIGH GRAHAM on Dec 04, 08:12am

A good basic lesson but feel it could be a little more engaging with pictures, examples, etc. This could possibly be accomplished by collaboration with SLMC.

SUMMER ROBERTS on Dec 02, 05:04am

This project looks like a fun way to get students to review the use of language in a text. Objectives and assessment method are clear and the project is fully aligned with standard RL.4. It is also partially aligned with standard RL.2 (theme). Students have a lot of choice with the visual presentation of their wheel, adding to the motivation of the resource, and the resource is highly usable and adaptable to other texts. I wonder if this could be done as students are reading the text, so that the wheel develops gradually over the course of the reading.



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