Missed Webinar One?

by Joanna Schimizzi 5 years ago

If you missed the webinar -- all of the resources to catch up and prepare for Office Hours can be found here.

BETH ELMORE 5 years ago

I did!  I can log-in! I have watched the video and have completed the homework!  I will not be able to attend office hours on Wednesday.  Is there anything else I need to do before the next webinar?

Beth Elmore


I will be present for office hours! I will probably miss all of the original webinars due to getting my 2 year old to bed at those times and my husband is deployed so, it's just me! I will try to watch the webinar before office hours. Thanks! 

I will only be able to participate in Webinar 3 due to my husband working out of town this week & having to care for my children. I do plan to make office hours for Webinar 1 & 2 however. Thank you for posting the information so I could "catch up"!

I originally was going to participate in the live webinar, but life....

I have watched the video, viewed the powerpoint, and answerd the prompts.

I'll see you at Office Hours later this morning!