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NCDPI First Grade ELA Unpacked Content

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This document provides a description of what each standard means a student will know, understand and be able to do. The "unpacking" of the standards done in this document is an effort to answer a simple question, "What does this standard mean that a student must know and be able to do?" and to ensure the description is helpful, specific and comprehensive for educators.

Material Type: Curriculum, Lesson

Author: NCDPI

All that Glitters is Not Gold

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Students learn how to authenticate online information by comparing "facts" from the website entitled "All About Explorers" with more authoritative sources. (This four-lesson unit on search skills and critical thinking teachers students how to target and specify their online searches to avoid unwanted results, how to judge whether a link, search result or website is legitimate or phony, and how to find legitimate sources online for media works such as music videos and movies.)

Material Type: Lesson Plan

Author: MediaSmarts