Welcome to 22-23 with LinguaFolio!

by AnnMarie Gunter 1 year, 10 months ago

Welcome to a new school year with #LF4NC!

Let's get started by sharing who we are and how we use #LF4NC with our learners.

  1. WHO are your language learners?
  2. WHY/HOW does LinguaFolio benefit learning and teaching?

Please reply to this post to join the discussion or, if you don't have a #GoOpenNC or NCEdCloud account, go to the Jamboard at https://bit.ly/LF4NCwelcome22-23 and add your responses.

Xatli Stox 1 year, 6 months ago

1. I have served students identified as multilingual learners in all grades with different language proficiency levels. Most of the students have been new to the school system, either starting their schooling experience in kindergarten or as recently arrived students in the upper grades. I have also worked with students fulfilling the language requirement for their undergraduate programs. 

2. LinguaFolio is a great tool to help students take ownership of their language learning process. Students learn to reflect on the different opportunities they have to use the language and identify ways they may use the language more intentionally and meaningfully. Both teachers and students may identify language goals to improve language skills, collect and analyze evidence of the learning progress, and assess the process to redirect it as needed.