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Tantrum Think Sheet

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A reflection sheet that allows readers in elementary to reflect without writing everything out. They can choose the box and color it in and write only a few words. The resource can be modified to fit the particular student.

Material Type: Self Assessment, Teaching/Learning Strategy


100 Hunt: Target Number - 10

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In this game, players are given a target number and a hundreds chart. When they click on the number ten less than the target number, their time to find the number is reported. A new target number is provided by clicking the ?next? button.

Material Type: Activity/Lab, Game, Interactive

Author: J. Barrett

100 Number Chart

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For this interactive, students place numbers on the correct spot of the 100 chart. There are two levels of difficulty. Beginner-students are given one line of the 100 chart with two missing numbers at a time & advanced-students are shown the entire 100 chart with twenty missing numbers. Students receive a funny surprise at the end of the activity.

Material Type: Interactive