Content Focus Group - Webinar 1 Question One

by Joanna Schimizzi 3 years, 1 month ago

(This discussion post is for our "Content Focus Groups" that are participating in a two-webinar series. Other members are welcome to participate as well!)


What is your name, content expertise, current role in education? Which standard from your content area do you feel has the biggest need for resources and why?

Melinda Glenn 3 years, 1 month ago

Melinda Glenn, Virtual Academy Coordinator/Instructional Coach Elementary


Energy Conservation and Transfer

Matter- Properties and Change


These 2 areas have the biggest need becuase there are the fewest resources in OER for these 2 standards.

Hi Melinda --


We are so glad to have you in this cohort! Your expertise with supporting teachers will be so wonderful! The content areas you name are so important because they are so challenging for many of our students!

JUNIQUE GREENE 3 years, 1 month ago

My name is Junique Greene. My content expertise is elementary math and science. I currently teach 3rd grade math and science. I feel all of the science standards have the biggest need for resources. I feel this way because elementary science is not fouced on until it is being test in the 5th grade. I also beleive that science is very hands on and it is hard to find free or low cost digital resources other than videos for science.

Junique --

It's great to have you in this cohort! I completely agree that all of science is so in need of teacher-created resources! It's such a great content area to spark student interest, but the standards can be difficult to access for some edcuators if they don't have the background knowledge!

Marylu Ringwood 3 years, 1 month ago

MaryLu Ringwood, STEAM Lab teacher and ITF, Science and Technology would be my areas of expertise. I think resources for all elementary science is the greatest need. I especially would like to see more simulations and online interactive tools that students could explore and investigate. It is so hard in both the virtual classroom and in F-2-F classrooms with all the current Covid protocols to provide hands on materials for students to explore and learn with.

Hi MaryLu --

Great to have your expertise as part of this group! Your highlight about the challenges of remote/virtual learning is so important as we think about how to spark both our educators and students while they are in this challenging hybrid!

Rebecca Weaver 3 years, 1 month ago


My name is Rebecca Weaver. I teach at the elementary level and have taught 5th, 3rd, and technology classes. I am also a curriculum writer in science for my district. Pre-covid finding resources in physical science was my biggest need. Now that I am teaching virtually, many of the hands on life science resources I've used in the past are not applicable. So my need is for more virtual resources for life science and more resources overall for physical sciences (it's harder to find ones that are not outside our NC standards or are too advanced for elementary). 

Hi Rebecca --

Your background is so great for this group since you have such wonderful experience across content areas! We're excited to see how your resources come to the platform! Your point about the depth/breadth of standards is so important for our learners, especially those working from home. I love your focus on finding some hands-on resources that are still compatible with virtual!

Vanessa Behnke 3 years ago

Hi! My name is Vanessa Behnke and I currently teach all subjects in third grade. My expertise is math and science since I have two math degrees. For our grade level I feel like the standards that has a huge need for resources are within our unit on human body. It is hard to find kid friendly resources that also only focus on our specific standards within this broad topic of the human body.

Vanessa --

Three cheers for math and science! Your expertise will be so valuable in helping students make cross-content connections. Your focus on the human body standards is so valuable since the depth is almost unlimited! I can't wait to see which resources you share!

Marilyn Pharr 3 years ago

I am Marilyn Pharr.  I am a third grade teacher at a Title I school in Charlotte, NC.  I teach all content areas.  Science (and Social Studies) standards have the biggest need for resources as both of these subject areas are neglected as our school system prioritizes reading and math.  Ironically, these are the areas that inspire children to read and problem-solve.  

LARA CABANISS 3 years ago

I am Lara Cabaniss, and I serve as a STEM Coach at 2 elementary STEM schools in Cabarrus County.  This is quite specific, but I am always looking for creative hands-on ways to teach students the skin objective. (3.L.1.2)