Content Focus Group - Webinar 2 Question

by Joanna Schimizzi 3 years ago

How did reviewing resources impact your process of adding your own resources to the platform?

Rebecca Weaver 3 years ago

I know my resources need to be understandable by a wide variety of teachers across the state and usable. Connections or materials that teachers within my school or district may know of or have access to may not be available to other districts. (Such as FOSS kits or Brainpop). 

A lot of my resources I created are to 'fill the gaps' in our curriculum so don't make as much sense as a 'stand alone' so to publish them, I need to add more explantion.  

Marilyn Pharr 3 years ago

I have not officially reviewed a resource, but have searched/read different lessons and activities on the platform.   The platform is pushing teachers to rethink lesson planning..or perhaps this PD is encouraging me to reflect on my own planning.  Teachers no longer think outside the box, as we rely on the box (computer) for everything we do.  When I add my own resources, they must be relevant, thoughtful, engaging, age appropriate and must address the different learning styles of children.  A well planned lesson (think Madeline Hunter) is a true gift, but oh, so rare these days. 

LARA CABANISS 3 years ago

Looking at resources created by others always gives me a fresh perspective on how to make my resources most helpfull to others.  It also reminds me of the importance of making sure all resources are aligned to specific curriculum areas.