Webinar #2 - March 25th Discussion

by Joanna Schimizzi 4 years, 3 months ago

Hello to our Remote Learning Educator colleagues!


Please share two things in your reply! (Please be sure to have your reply be to THIS original post to reduce email notifications.)


1) Share any details about your school's/district's Remote Learning Landscape.

2) Share one opportunity that you’ve created this week in the midst of difficulty. (You could share a new digital tool you've started learning or a different way to communicate with families or...)

BRIDGET LAWING 4 years, 3 months ago

1) Our district has done a great job sending out resources to support teachers in remote learning. This past week we have had lots of professional development on a variety of technology/remote tools (zoom, google hangouts, voice recordings, google classroom, google drawings, seesaw, etc.). Lots of resources they are giving us!

2)One new tool that I have learned this week in the midst of difficulty is audio recordings. I learned how to record audio and post them on google slides, google classroom, or any other resource. Audio can also be a way for students to submit repsonses, assignments, etc. 

MONTIA GUFFEY 4 years, 3 months ago

Hi my name is Montia Guffey, my county is working extra hard to make sure every student is given every opportunity to have all the resources they need to continue their education during these crazy times! I have learned to use Google Hangout, as well as Zoom, in order to be able to work with my students and see their faces during this school closure!

Penelope Morris 4 years, 3 months ago

1) We are receiving daily notices of resources to review for use with our students. 

2) Google meet is being used to share questions, ideas, resources with team members and may also be used with some students for lessons.

LYDIA O'KEEFE-GRADY 4 years, 3 months ago

My school and district have access to a broard range of digital learning resources. For the past two weeks, the focus has been not only shaing these resources, but organizing them into a user friendly platform. By organizing the extensive amount of resources into categories such as; grade level, subject, and  student interests, I feel we have developed a remote learning landscape that will promote student success.

As teachers, we are all very comfortable with public speaking, however, online teaching may take more practice. With that said, I've learned to use several new tools this past week. One in particular 'Zoom' I thought it would make me feel uncomfortable, but just the opposite. I have found it is a pleasure to be part of a meeting while wearing my slippers!

Zulybeth Arguelles Colon 4 years, 3 months ago

The district that I work for is giving opportunties to use google classroom to connect with students as well as use applications such as google hangouts to conduct meetings.  The opportunity that has been created for me in this difficult time is learning more about remote learning as it pertains to getting resources that work on a remote learning platform as well as the differnt platforms to provide services (e.g. telepractice for SLPś)

CANDICE GREEN 4 years, 3 months ago

My districts focus has been making sure our students are fed and trying to fine tune the best approach as we move forward. So many of our students do not have internet service in our rural area. For those that do, I have uploaded a daily art lesson online and I created a paper packet that will carry students through these first few weeks.

As I have started creating lessons for online I have enjoyed and stressed thinking about how to teach art in this way, My lessons have to be easy because my students' supplies at home are minimum. On my Canvas page, I created a link that guides students and parents to a Google Folder. There they find PDFs of each of my lessons with links and videos of me demonstrating the daily "how to draw"  lesson. Most importantly, I have been almost brought to tears getting emails from my students sharing their artwork! I miss all 300+ of them! I am just trying to put it all into perspective and learn to not stress!

LAURA HOYT 4 years, 3 months ago

Our county has really done an amazing job putting together lessons for our students to practice skills they have already done this far in school. That has given us as teachers a platform in which to work on to build on those lessons and expecations instead of going into this with no idea. Giving us time to plan and become familiar with everything that is involved in online learning has been beneficial as well. 


One thing that I have created in the past week is a routine for my kids to be able to still be apart of our normal routine. We always did a morning meeting/book a day/check in type thing everyday. I have continue to do that with them through dojo and giving them different challenges to do everyday. They would send me a picture of what they did and I would post them on our class stories for everyone to see. I knew doing this that not everyone was going to be able to particpate but it gave the ones the could the opportunity to feel conected to their classmates without forcing them to join google chats or zoom chats when I knew they all couldn't do that. This has helped in so many ways - not only them but it has helped me still feel connected to them during this time. 

AMANDA MCALLISTER 4 years, 3 months ago

1) Share any details about your school's/district's Remote Learning Landscape.

I am an Elementary Teacher.  My district is requiring 4 & 5 to be on Canvas.  Younger grades have paperwork district wide, but our school has class dojo and a good online communication source, so we are able to put out assignments in any online program or format through a pdf that is sent out in Dojo everyday.

2) Share one opportunity that you’ve created this week in the midst of difficulty. (You could share a new digital tool you've started learning or a different way to communicate with families or...)

1.  I have purchased and learned to use BoomCards.  It is really helping me get interactive quizzes & learning opportunities out to my students.