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This template supports STEM teachers and librarians in working collaboratively to create lessons that build science practice and STEM inquiry skills in alignment with state and national science standards, and that address the Common Core literacy shifts around close reading and building textual evidence.
English Language Arts
Middle School, High School, Adult Education
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CAROL MCFADDEN on Dec 08, 07:23pm

This resource is a detailed guide for creating STEM lessons. It includes all necessary details in clear simple steps along with several examples.
*Full integration of information literacy strategies in content subject would be included once the template was completed
*Collaboration is mentioned throughout directions. The collaboration between teacher and SLMC could be included in the template content
* The suggested content sections are very clear in what should be included to include instruction, content, technology, and design.

BEVERLY LITKE on Dec 06, 04:31pm

I am a K-5 SLMC and love the idea of a template to guide planning collaboratively.
* Partial integration of one or more information literacy strategies, although emphasis is on STEM and literacy rather than information literacy
* In depth collaboration between SLMC & teacher is achievable through completion of this very thorough resource
* Strengths: In-depth lesson template covers many aspects of lesson creation. This resource is not used by students, but rather teachers in lesson preparation and design. Excellent inclusion of resource links!
* Opportunities: Could not figure out how to actual fill in the template. Perhaps include a downloadable copy of the template?

PAMELA PHELPS on May 09, 07:47pm

Template for using inquiry-based lesson plan.



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