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This Google slide deck provides general information about copyright law and the public domain.
Professional Development
Lower Primary, Upper Primary, Middle School, High School, Adult Education
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KATHLEEN RUTAN on Dec 14, 05:06pm

*As an ES librarian, I appreciate that this can easily be modified to be used as a lesson or be used as a professional development with staff.
*Partial integration of one or more information literacy strategies.
*Could be remixed to be used in a collaboration between SLMC and teachers.
*Strengths: Flexible enough that it can be used as a PD or modified into a lesson plan. Good presentation of Copyright laws.
*Opportunities: Could lead to more in depth conversations regarding online use.

Angela Causby on Dec 09, 09:42am

As a SLMC, I look for resources that can be used with staff and students. This could be a good resource to develop into a lesson plan.
*There is partial integration of the literacy strategies.
*Depending on how altered it could be used to collaborate between teachers and SLMC.
*The strengths of this resource is the flexibility in how it could be used. It presents opportunities for this to be incorporated into real-world lessons. Also could be reworked as a jumping off point to see what students and staff know.

AMANDA VERNON on Dec 08, 04:02pm

This resource is not a lesson plan to be used with students.
This is a great resource that could be used for PD with staff.
This resource could be remixed to use with students.

SONDRA AYSCUE on Dec 02, 01:40pm

Good resource for beginning a talk about copyright with older students and teachers. I would like to see a lesson developed from this with specific examples for viewers to review, which could be used as a collaboration component. Instructor notes would also be helpful for users of the presentation to know how the creator intended use.

HEATHER JOHNSON-MILLS on Dec 02, 09:13am

*A good resource to share both with students and teachers.
*Not a lesson plan per say but could be developed into a lesson plan.
*Would need reworking to be able to meet the collaboration component
*Relevant information to begin a conversation for educating students on what to look for.

Michelle Green on Dec 01, 11:25am

I am a Media Specialist and I appreciate the thought of introducing Copyright to the community. Partial integration of one or more information literacy strategies are shown with Copyright. I do see information given, but not the implementation of the information. This resource in its current format does not lend itself to collaboration between SLMC and teachers. With a bit of tweaking, the effect can be had. The information is general which can be used as an introduction to Copyright. It also gives relevant information for the students to begin a conversation within the classroom and understand what to look for.
I feel that this could be enhanced with an interactive example of copyright and how to look for it within an example: i.e., website, journal, essay. I also feel another way to enhance the lesson could be to have the students answer a few questions similar to what we did: How did you think copyright should be used? What ways have you adhered to it? How can you focus more on doing copyright the right way?



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