This Vocabulary Crossword will help student practice the vocabulary terms for Adobe Digital Design 1.0 Understand Project requirements for Web Development.

Download the html file and incorporate it in your lesson. The list of words and descriptions are

CREATIVE COMMONS: Free, easy-to-use copyright licenses provide a simple, standardized way to give the public permission to share and use your creative work on conditions of your choice
FEEDBACK: Verbal or written responses containing information about a client’s reaction to a designer’s performance of a task
SCREEN READER: Recites text that appears on the computer screen, as well as, non-textual information, such as button labels or image descriptions, provided during designing
ACCESSIBILITY: Making websites functional for people with visual, auditory, motor, and other disabilities
FAIR USE: A legal allowance of using a copyrighted material without permission from the owner, provided the circumstances are reasonable and do not make the material less profitable
TRADEMARK: A mark (logo, symbol, word, phrase, etc.) legally registered or established by a company to represent a service or product; cannot be used without the permission of the owner
DELIVERABLES: Completed products requested by client (design, website, app, video, etc.)
PROJECT MANAGEMENT: The application of processes, methods, knowledge, skills and experience to achieve the project objectives
PROJECT PLAN: Helps move a project successfully to completion, includes deciding project scope, client criteria, project deliverables, and distribution of responsibilities
COPYRIGHT: The exclusive legal right to reproduce, publish, sell or distribute the expression of an intellectual property (literature, design, audio, video, etc.)
INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: Original creations of the mind that can be protected by law; literary and artistic works, designs, symbols, images, names, etc.
SCHEDULE: Setting deadlines for each project phase and task
SCOPE CREEP: Incremental expansion of the project scope, introducing features not originally planned
PROJECT SCOPE: Identifying audience, goals, and objectives
Trade and Industrial Education
High School
Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12
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Yanawi Quinones
on Sep 14, 08:41pm Evaluation

Focus: Limited (1)

The instructional purpose is easily inferred, but the alignment is limited, as far as content and performance expectation. This is just a crossword, and would be best for providing some practice or review.

Yanawi Quinones
on Sep 14, 08:41pm Evaluation

Engagement: Limited (1)

Students will need to be actively participating for this task, but the focus is on basic information recall, and there are no additional supports or scaffolding. That would need to be provided as part of a more comprehensive lesson.

Yanawi Quinones
on Sep 14, 08:41pm Evaluation

Evaluation: Limited (1)

The resulting resource would not fully gauge the effectiveness of this resource. Since this is a crossword, students would be able to get hints and look back at definitions without demonstrating understanding. Also, this crossword may not completed address the knowledge or skills expected of the standard.

Yanawi Quinones
on Sep 14, 08:41pm Evaluation

Accuracy: Superior (3)

The content is accurate. The resource seems credible, although no specific source is given.

Yanawi Quinones
on Sep 14, 08:41pm Evaluation

Adequacy: Limited (1)

Since this is only a crossword, the content in this resource would definitely need to be augments with additional information and materials.

Yanawi Quinones
on Sep 14, 08:41pm Evaluation

Appropriateness: Superior (3)

The vocabulary and concepts presented are appropriate for the target audience, if this is used as a part of a more comprehensive lesson that would account for student's prior knowledge and other factors for learning.

Yanawi Quinones
on Sep 14, 08:41pm Evaluation

Purpose: Strong (2)

The technology features could enhance the content, as far as providing quick feedback for students as they are learning the terms for a more comprehensive lesson.

Yanawi Quinones
on Sep 14, 08:41pm Evaluation

Reliability: Superior (3)

The technology features appear to function across different browsers and also on smartphone devices, with no issues for size or zooming in.

Yanawi Quinones
on Sep 14, 08:41pm Evaluation

Accessibility: Limited (1)

This crossword uses JavaScript, in a way that would make is difficult for certain actions that are needed, such as click on an area of the crossword. This is an activity that is dependent on using a mouse and might reduce accessibility.

Yanawi Quinones
on Sep 14, 08:41pm Evaluation

Motivation: Limited (1)

As with any crossword, there is the motivational element of a challenge in the form of a puzzle. This might not sustain student motivation, as students could simply just use the definitions to complete the crossword without any understanding.


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