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Students will pick a character from whichever text they are currently reading and create a fake social media profile. This can be done digitally, though I have my students complete it on poster board. There are several templates I have come across that match up with the various forms of social media in the project instructions.

Students should NOT use real social media sites to create their profiles.
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Social Media Project
English Language Arts, Reading Informational Text, Reading Literature
Middle School, High School
Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8, Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12
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1-3 Hours
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Loretta Terry on Feb 19, 12:29pm

This is helpful to both the students and the teachers. The resources are clear and make it easy for students to complete plus makes it easy for teachers to assess. Students can select their preferred platform and add engaging motivational element on social media.

CAROL CRITCHER on Dec 06, 09:57am

Creative plan that meets students in their world as digital natives. Engaging and relevant to their experiences.

CANDACE HAMILTON on Dec 01, 03:36pm

I am a 7th grade teacher and can see how this would be a highly engaging activity for my students. Full alignment to depth and breadth of standard RI.9-10.3 and partial alignment of standard RL.9-10.3, specifically for advancement of the plot. Has clear and sufficient assessment strategies that will accurately measure student progress and mastery of specified standards. This resource has a strong engagement element for students, and a text-to-life connection. I'll echo Ms. Roberts' statement about possibly having students add in character replies or comments on each other's profiles.

SUMMER ROBERTS on Nov 29, 04:57pm

I am a grade 9-10 teacher and I often use social media projects in my classroom. The clear expectations on this resource make it easy for students to fill out and for teachers to assess; the social media aspect and the ability for students to choose their preferred platform add engaging motivational elements. As it is, the resource is partly aligned to standard 3---there is opportunity for character analysis, but students may not analyze how a character changes throughout the text. One way to align to the rest of the standard would be to have students complete the assignment twice---once at the beginning and once at the end of the text. Another possibility for growth in this resource would be to add interactive student elements; I wonder if students could add in-character replies or comments on each other's profiles.



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