Gr 3 C4 Task Patterns on the Multiplication Chart

This task allows learners to explore patterns on the multiplication chart. This aligns to 3.OA.9. This is remixable. 

Download: oa9-patterns-on-the-multiplication-chart.docx

Task Preview 

●      Give each student a copy of the shaded multiplication chart (attached).

●      Briefly prompt students to look at the two shaded boxes containing 6’s (which are separated by the diagonal dotted line).

●      Ask students to independently think about each question:

o      What observations can you make about these two products?

●      Have students analyze the remaining pairs of shaded boxes on the multiplication chart.

●      Prompt students to respond in writing to the following questions:

o      What equations can be used to represent each set of shaded numbers?

Why can more than one equation be used to represent each product?

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