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This Vocabulary Crossword will help student practice the vocabulary terms for MaWD 2.01 Image Editing Vocabulary.

Download the html file and incorporate it in your lesson. The list of words and descriptions are

SELECTIONS: Identifying a specific area of a layer or image that allows you to move or apply techniques to only that specific area on that specific layer.
CROPPING: Removing a part of an image.
SCALING: Enlarging or shrinking a graphic.
CLONE STAMP: Samples and area of an image and then allows you to paint over another area of the image with the sampled area.
FILL: Putting a color, gradient, pattern, or texture into an object or area.
ASPECT RATIO: Relationship of an object’s width to its height.
LAYERING: Compiling multiple pictures or objects together into one image.
ROTATING: Pivoting an object around its center point.
ADJUSTMENT LAYERS: Non-destructive layers that can be added to allow you to apply image tonal and color adjustments.
FILTERS: Used to apply special effects or unique transformation to an image.
TRANSFORMING: Changing a graphics size or dimensions through commands such as scaling and rotating.
LAYER STYLES: One or more effects applied to a layer or layer group. Effects include shadows, stroke, glows, bevels, and overlays.
GRADIENT: Filling an object with a smooth transition from one color to another.
BLEND MODES: Changes the way layers interact by determining how a layer will blend with the layers below it.
LAYER MASKS: A non-destructive method which allows you to apply transparency to a specific portion of a layer with precise control.
TRANSPARENCY: Removing the background color of a raster image making it “see-through” in order to allow the image to blend in with its background.
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- Partial alignment by covering only the vocabulary part of standard and should be considered as part of a unit that would address the standard
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- Strengths: In-depth list of vocabulary words, availability to change crossword puzzle


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