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This data sheet allows teachers a consistent and organized way to analyze student work by providing room for them to document noticings, wonderings, patterns, and next steps for instruction. There's also a space for teachers to record criteria for success to guide their lens for analysis.
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Ashley Blood
on May 27, 10:09am Evaluation

Engagement: Strong (2)

This resource promotes critical thinking (and/or communication, collaboration, creativity), but requires the teacher to reflect on how her students are doing in these 4 areas and then create a plan to enhance content and instruction.

Ashley Blood
on May 27, 10:09am Evaluation

Purpose: Strong (2)

This resource has valuable technology features that include the document being accessible from multiple devices. It could also be transferred easily to other platforms such as Google Docs.

Ashley Blood
on May 27, 10:09am Evaluation

Reliability: Superior (3)

This resource is reliable on all platforms thus creating easy access for all teachers who need to complete the document and/or collaborate on it.

Ashley Blood
on May 27, 10:09am Evaluation

Usability: Strong (2)

This resource has been made more user-friendly for teachers (or targeted learners) by being simplistic and clearly laid out. It could include a template example filled in to help guide new teachers.

Ashley Blood
on May 27, 10:09am Evaluation

Accessibility: Strong (2)

This resource can be modified for learners with cognitive (and/or developmental, physical) disabilities by including a section of notes for the teacher to document any modifications used by the student or that may be needed in the future.

Melinda Glenn on Dec 01, 06:50pm

I love this sheet as a reflection opportunity for teachers about instruction and student learning. I would love to see a version attached that has been filled out with student information and teacher wonderings (without student identifiers of course) to show how specifically this resource could be used.

CANDACE HAMILTON on Nov 30, 03:27pm

With the intensive focus on data and what it means to our students, to us, and in our classrooms, it was nice to see this resource added. There is full alignment to the indicated standard NC.PTS.5.a. Learning objective given through Overview can be achieved through completion of the resource. Has a clear formative assessment strategy that can measure teacher progress and mastery of the standard. The resource offers appropriate content, Informative instruction, and a user friendly design. This resource might want to add examples under each column heading so that teachers know what would be a "wondering" versus a "noticing".



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