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This is a tool teachers can use to design high quality PBL projects, including how to ensure they have a strong connection to curricular standards and success skills, they are authentic per things students care about, they provide students with choice and voice during the project, assessments and scaffolding are intentional and personalized for each student, time is dedicated for student reflection and revision, and the project has a public audience.
Applied Science, Arts Education, Career Technical Education, English as a Second Language, English Language Arts, Healthful Living, Mathematics, Professional Development, Science, Social Studies, World Languages
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Jessica Minto on Dec 08, 04:06pm

As a high school history teacher, I like that this is a resource that can be used by any discipline to create an HQPBL. This allows teachers to align their projects with the standards while making sure they are keeping track of how to make their assignment PBL based. Each teacher is able to create their objectives and assessments within the resource to ensure they accurately measure student progress and mastery. This resource also allows the teacher to align with High-Quality PBL criteria by building in stepping stones to make sure authentic, challenging, inquiry is part of the final product.

ERICA COVINGTON on Dec 08, 09:01am

*As an ELA teacher, this is very helpful as there are not many PBL resources for our content area. This template is very simple and breaks down the requirements of a HQ PBL.
*Full alignment to the breadth and depth of the tagged standard and allows educators to align their project to their own standards as we consider the desired outcomes, learning objective, the product, etc.
*Learning objective is achievable through the completion of this resource, and teachers are given support in developing ways to make achievable learning objective with this resource.
*This resource allows educators to check off all the boxes to make their projects align with HQ PBL criteria, but I would like to point out the reflection piece included for the instructor. Reflection is at the heart of education and this resource would have been incomplete without it. Granted, this template make it very simple, but without the reflection questions, we may miss an important step.
*Strengths: the addition of "anticipated scaffolding and support" may take the most time but it is invaluable because we want all students to be successful and I like how that it present in every phase to ensure instruction/learning is taking place throughout the project. I like the cross curricular section of the resource; making the project multifaceted will help students who are stronger in some areas than others and it will allow for more stakeholders when it comes to the final product.
Opportunities: this may not remove all of the barriers to creating a high-quality PBL, but this is a great way to start the conversation and get the ball rolling.

Jennifer Selfridge on Dec 02, 01:21pm

*I'm a middle school science teacher and I appreciate how adaptable this resource is.
*Using this resource to design a PBL project could allow for full alignment to depth and breadth of standards.
*Using this resource could help a teacher identify clear learning objects that are achievable through the unit.
*This would allow for teachers to deveop clear and sufficient assessment strategies that accurately measure student progress.
*This resource aligns with high quality project based learning to guide the development of your unit.
*Creating a true project based unit can be overwhelming. This guides the educator so that it is easier to make sure the unit is in fact project based learning.



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