Hub Academy - Directions for Review/Remix/Create

Hub Academy Engagement

We are so very excited to have your professional expertise populate the platform. We do ask that you remember that the platform and the curricular review experience are in the final days of the "dress rehearsal".  For any support you need, please use the Green Support Button or

General information:

* We are asking that participants spend about 5 hours of engagement. If you find yourself exceeding that, use the Green Support Button to request support.

* Each Hub has a different assignment, based on the time it takes to complete their Rubric Reviews.

* Please complete your engagement by Monday December 9th.

Step-by-step directions:

(Video recording here)

1) Open the "Hub Academy Resource Tracking" Spreadsheet.  

          This is where you will (a) see your assignment and (b) track your progress.

2) Review the parameters for your Specific Hub by choosing the correct Hub tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet.

3) Open your Hub Specific Rubric (linked in cell "D1"of the Resource Tracking Spreadsheet).

4) REMEMBER THAT ALL REVIEWS are to be completed as "COMMENTS" . Do not use EVALUATE as it doesn't use your specific Hub Rubric. 

5) If you need support, please use the GREEN support button or use

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