Observation scaffolding sheet to support BTs as they observe other classes and capture Glows and Grows related to Classroom Management
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Angelia Howard on Dec 10, 10:34am

This is an excellent way for all teachers not just beginning teachers to observe others in practice and document what they see and what they want to "borrow". Although it is designed for new teachers I think it will also help veteran teachers learn some new tricks.

ELLA WISE on Dec 08, 05:07pm

This resource is clearly aligned with content and /or standards. It is a well designed resource to assist mentors/coaches in serving beginning teachers.

SANDRA CARTER on Dec 06, 04:13pm

I like the simplicity of this tool for a beginning teacher who may not be familiar with all the educational approaches and language available to address classroom management. I also like the idea of the BT having an instrument to use when observing another teacher.
- Full alignment to Standard 2, element a.
- Tool is aligned to the standards.
- easy to understand and quick resource that captures BT observations.
- plenty of writing space.
- focus on 2 Glows and 1 Grow - not overwhelming in expectations from the observation.
- for the observed teacher to become observer of the BT implementing the Glow or Grow.

RAE THOMPSON on Dec 03, 01:45pm

*This is a tool for beginning teachers to quickly capture classroom management ideas during an observation or classroom walk-through.

*Full Alignment to Standard 2, element a.

*This is a data collection tool aligned to the standards.

*Strengths - This resource is a very quick and user-friendly tool to capture ideas during a lesson. I appreciate the wording of the glows and grows. Both focus BTs toward what did they learn that they can use.

*Opportunity - Could you add a section for reflection with the mentor or a place on the form to jot down an implementation plan?



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