This lesson uses the area model to support students' work with adding fractions with unlike denominators. This is remixable if you add ideas to support the range of learners.

*Additional resources were added to provide an online component for students to create an area model.
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Gr 5 C5 Lesson Adding with Area Models
Upper Primary
Grade 5
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Activity/Lab, Lesson Plan
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TAMARA KERR RAY on Dec 07, 01:15am

I am a 5th grade math teacher, teaching for over 10 years. I really like this resource and excited to share with my colleagues. It is specific, measurable with clear directions and easy to find materials. Quick data collection resource that can be used to provide specific feedback to students.
Full alignment to depth and breadth of standards 5.NF.1
The learning objectives are specific, measurable and achievable through completion of this resource.
This resource has specific and enough assessment strategies that can determine whether students are mastering, making progress or not understanding this concept.
Strengths: Awesome student hands and engagement. This resource will students the opportunity to be active participants in their learning. Great use of technology.
Opportunities: This resource may want to include a section for remediation and acceleration for those students who may have already mastered this concept as well as those that may need extra support.

This resource is aligned with the supporting and priority standards for this grade level.
This resource is geared towards keeping student engaged in the activity.
Opportunities: This resource can integrate the use of interactive technology that can give students immediate feedback on their progress. In addition, teacher can provide a variety of manipulatives for students to use along with their unifix cubes.

Katharina Smith on Dec 05, 08:43pm

*I am a fifth grade teacher. I appreciated that it was a good review of fourth grade and, therefore, an appropriate introduction for fifth grade fraction work. I really enjoyed that this task was remixed to include the digital resources and that it includes a table of possible misconceptions ans suggestions to address those. * Partial alignment by covering only the beginning part of standard and should be considered as part of a unit that would address the standard * Has clear learning objectives that are achievable through completion of this resource. *Has clear and sufficient assessment strategies that will accurately measure student progress and mastery of the specified standard. * This resource has exemplary student engagement and the technology has a strong purpose in the lesson. *The task could include some one- or two step word problems to meet the whole standard.



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