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Purpose: Engages students and introduces the element of a lemonade stand needed for building a lemonade stand and creating a business.

Case Overview
In “Lemonade Stand Fundraiser”, students will take the role of lemonade stand designer and business owner responding to a request to raise money for an overnight field trip. They will learn about adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing decimals, adding and subtracting fractions, and finding the area of a rectangle with fractional lengths as they create their lemonade stand, advertise and start their fundraising business.

This PBL was created before NC adopted it's NC standards. NF.2 and NF.6 are no longer Grade 5 standards but incorporated into other NF standards.
Upper Primary
Grade 5
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Christy Brown on Dec 05, 12:16pm

I am a 5th grade ELA & SS teacher. I plan to share this project with my teaching partner who covers math and science. Our 5th graders participate in an overnight trip in which we do fundraisers. I can already think of two perfect times to set up a lemonade stand prior to our trip!

Math standards are clearly aligned throughout the project. There are also clear learning objectives for students that are attainable throughout the course of the project. The lesson format is well written and easy to follow. I appreciate the links to primary and secondary resources.

This project aligns with high-quality project-based learning standards. It's intellectually challenging for students, it involves collaboration on many levels, it incorporates outside resources, it benefits the community and promotes learning of real-world scenarios and situations. I love the fact that students are working with one another and with the community to support their class trip. What an excellent real-world example of how hard work pays off.

I see many opportunities for extending this lesson. I truly believe this will be a project students remember for years to come.



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