Remix: Classroom Management - Strengths and Grows

~Strengths & Grows ~

Identify effective classroom management and instructional strategies. 

BT Name: _____________________________

#1 due 12/9/19

#2 due 3/30/20

  • Observer: ___________________ School Name: ____________________

Engage the Students

  • Establish positive teacher-student relationship
  • Communicate openly
  • Encourage students to speak their mind
  • Involve the weakest and shyest students of the class
  • Devise new ways of imparting knowledge
  • Make use of technology to assist you in teaching

Circle all of the ones that the teacher falls under ____/6

Have Patience

  • Students make the same mistake repeatedly

  • Students fail to understand a topic even when you have explained it many times

  • Class disobeys a classroom rule knowingly

  • Some students tend to distract you or the class intentionally

  • Weakness 

Be Enthusiastic about Sharing Knowledge

 For effective teaching, you must be enthusiastic about sharing your knowledge. 

You really need to enjoy what you are teaching if you are teaching the same topic. 

When your excitement to teach is visible, students automatically get interested and caught up in the fervor.


Display Positive Attitude

Be proud of being a teacher

Always keep smiling

Bond with the students

Circle all of the ones that the teacher falls under ____/3

Ready to Learn

A great teacher is a lifelong student. 

No one can know everything that there is to know about any topic. 

Being a teacher you should be more aware of this than anyone else and always be ready to learn. 


A teacher should not feel intimidated by a student who asks too many questions. 

It should be treated as an opportunity to explore the topic from a different approach. 

If you don’t know answer to any query posed to you, say that you need to confirm if your answer is correct and will get back the next day.

Be sure to revisit the query the next day and answer it fully. If you don’t students will take it as a sign of weakness and not engage with you in the class further

Teach to Your Strengths

We are teachers

Reflection: Grows and Glows

1. What Glowed? What did we do well? What strengths did we discover?

 2. Where to Grow? Where can we improve? Ideas to make changes?

3. What to Throw? What is not working for us? What do we stop doing? Where are we working from our weaknesses that may be better served by working from our strengths?

 4. Now I Know? What did we discover about ourselves and our learning? What did we try this time and what were the results? 

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