4.NF.6 Card Sort

Word ProblemNorth Carolina Elementary School raised money through a fundraiser. The principal said they raised  3/10 of their goal came from the bake sale and 50/100 of their goal from a carnival. How much of their goal has the school completed?Abel read 3/10 of a book one day. He read 5/100 of a book the next day. What fraction of the book did Abel read?A candy company puts candies in bags. In a bag, 0.03 of the total candies are purple, and .5 of the total candies are red. What fraction of the bag contains purple and red candies are in a bag?Catherine and Liz are making necklaces together. Catherine has 0.3 of a bag of beads. Liz has 0.50 of a bag of beads. What fraction of beads do they have to make bracelets?
Expression3/10+52/1003/10+ 5/1003/100+ 5/103/10+ 52/100
Equivalent Expression30/100+ 52/10030/100+5/1003/100+50/10030/100+52/100
Answer in fraction form80/10035/10053/10080/100
Answer in decimal notation.

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