Daily Time on Tasks Formative Assessment (4.MD.8)

Baking Cookies


Measurement and Data-Time Across the Hour


Solve problems involving measurement.


NC.4.MD.8: Solve word problems involving addition and subtraction of time that cross the hour. 


Paper and pencil


Below is a list of important tasks Derek's mom asks him to complete ever day. He is curious how long it takes his as well as when some of these activities begin and end, based on when he begins them. Use the information below to answer the following 3 questions. 

Chores                                30 minutes

Homework                       35 minutes 

Walking his dog            25 minutes

Swimming practice      60 minutes

Part 1: How much time each day does Derek spend on these 4 tasks? 

a. How many minutes does he spend on these tasks?

b. How many hours does he spend on these tasks?

Part 2: If he begins his chores at 3:45 p.m., what time will he be finished with his chores?

Part 3: If Derek got back home from walking his dog at 5:15, what time did he begin walking his dog?

 Extension: Complete these Task Cards!


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