Words for Words


Step 1: Place one of the words from a word bank, in each of the squares below. You may use each word only once and you must fill in each box.   Order does not matter.                   

                              Column A                                           Column B                                              Column C                
Row 1 
Row 2
Row 3

Objective:  Create 9 accurate sentences with 3 vocabulary words

Step 2: Write a sentence using all 3 words in each row.  You do not have to use the words in order of the table. You will have a set amount of time to complete the 3 sentences.  You will share 1 sentence with me as I walk around the room. 

Row 1:  __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Row 2:  __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Row 3:  __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Step 3: For the column (A, B, C)  words, you will pair up with a different teammate for each sentence.  Work as a pair, to create an accurate sentence.  Each time you hear, the bell, switch partners.  

Column 1:  __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Column 2:  __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Column 3:  __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Step 4: We will go over the possible sentences as a class, and judge (without grading) how well our class understands the vocabulary words.

Reflection:  What word(s) did you or the class struggle with the most?  Why?


Step 5: You have the option to the do the following for your assessment.  Show me what you know.  Option 1:  you can create 2 sentences from the diagonal words AND a sentence using the 4-corner words.  Option 2:  Use all 9 words in a 6-8 sentence paragraph (no sentence from before can be used) and you have to create a story.

Variation:  Make the grid smaller, add the words yourself,  model a sentence 

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