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3 x 3 Vocabulary Challenge

Use within any subject

Need a bank of at least 10 words from a similar subject.

Students will put 9 words randomly in the 3x3 grid.

Challenge: Make a sentence using each word in row 1. Challenge students to make sentences for each row and column in the 3x3 grid.

Can be done collaboratively, or individual. Nice to mix it up!
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3 x 3 Vocabulary Challenge
Language, Grammar and Vocabulary, Science, World Languages
Middle School, High School
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Assessment, Homework/Assignment, Vocabulary
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Less than 60 min
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Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 Creative Commons Attribution 4.0
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Larry Ransom on Mar 23, 01:41pm

I am a 12th grade English teacher and appreciate this resource for its flexible applications and elements of student choice. That said, this resource should be considered partially aligned to a variety of Language standards (L.1, L.2, L.6) and could be used as part of a unit/course that addresses these standards over time.

Teachers using this resource will need to provide additional instruction, modeling, expectations, etc. to focus the student learning objective on a particular Language standard (e.g., conventions of grammar, other writing mechanics, usage, etc.). Additionally, there would need to be a rubric and/or guidance on appropriately combining words from the bank into a sentence to avoid students simply generating lists or other constructions that do not reflect a true understanding of the words and/or their relationships with one another. With some remixing, I think this could be a particularly effective tool for practice with parts of speech and most appropriate for ongoing formative assessment; although, it could be used summatively as well.

CANDACE HAMILTON on Nov 30, 04:01pm

I was just working on my lesson plans for next week and knew I needed to focus on vocabulary that the students have come across in our recent readings, and this resource would work fabulously! There is alignment to a standard for teachers; however, there is not one for teachers. For students, it might be wise to add in Language 4 and 5. The learning objective is written for the students and is one that can be achieved through completion of this resource. Even though there are clear and sufficient assessment strategies, because there is not standard for students, it is not possible to address measuring student progress and mastery of a standard. I believe that including that small group component, or even pair-share would go a long way toward helping students reinforce their understanding of the words.



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