Closed Word Sort: oi/oy (view)

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Unit 1: lesson
NC.ELA.RF.2.4.c, NC.ELA.RF.2.4, NC.ELA.RF.2.4.e, NC.ELA.RF.2.4.b, NC.ELA.RF.1.4, NC.ELA.RF.1.4.c


After the lesson of explaining the reading and spelling for oi/oy, give some example words, cold call on students to read sentences that have oi/oy words in them, and ask students to come up with some oi/oy words to add to the list. Students cut apart provided words. Teacher guides students to group similar words together. If necessary, teacher prompts with "Notice how the words look" and/or "Notice how the words sound." For an extension, students could also create subgroups by sorting according to where the letter combination is found in the word-at the beginning, middle, or end. It is suggested that an anchor word for each combination be added to a resource such as a word wall or word study notebook for future reference. For assessment, students could sort and glue into the groups, read the list of words from the sort, or spell the words from the sort.