3 x 3 Vocabulary Challenge


 I will give you a document of the word list from this unit's word bank.  You will use LINK to place the document in text-to-speech tool.  LINK TO Text-to-talk  

Now you can hear each of the words read to you by the computer.  As you hear the list of words select 9 of the words.    Place one of the words from a word bank, in each of the empty boxes below. You may use each word only once and you must fill in each box.                     

                              Column 1                                           Column 2                                              Column 3                
Row 1 
Row 2
Row 3

You will create a sentence from one word in each row.  We will get in pairs and then rotate to a new partner.  Your partner will read a sentence that contains a word from each row, and you will do the same for them.  Discuss your sentences to make sure your partner understands the meaning of the word in your sentence.  

Row 1:  __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Row 2:  __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Row 3:  __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Now, choose 1 sentence that you want to put on the board as a model for a super sentence.  (It can be yours or from someone else.)

Variation:  You could have students do fewer or more words for their sentences to create more rotations.

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