T4T Cover Up

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Lesson Excerpt:


  1. Give each student a set of number cards and a Cover Up board. 

  2. Allow student to look at and think about the contents on the board for a couple of minutes. Then have each student tell a partner two things s/he noticed on the Cover Up board.

  3. Next have students to place their cards number up on their desks.

  4. Tell students that you are going to call out a clue.  Once you have finished reading the clue, they are to put the number card that goes with the clue in the correct place.  They may count or use other strategies to decide where to place their cards. Students must listen carefully to the clue, some clues may add up to the same number but may represent different combinations.

  5. Read aloud the first few clues, stopping each time to allow students time to discuss with their partners the reasons why they placed their cards where they did.

  6. Continue calling out clues until there is one clue left.  Ask students to tell you what picture is still left. Allow them an opportunity to give suggestions for what the clue could be.  After allowing students to share, read the final clue.  

  7. To close this lesson, have each student pick a number card.  They are to draw a picture of something that represents the number on their cards.

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