T4T Gr 3 C1 Lesson Rows of Donuts (Day 7)

This lesson is from Tools4NCTeachers. It was written with the intent of being taught on Day 7 of Cluster 1. This lesson focuses on repeated addition and skip counting to provide a conceptual understanding of multiplication. The lesson also provides opportunities for teachers to discuss the role of collaboration with classmates.  

Download: 3oa1-cluster1-lesson7-rows-of-donuts-day-2.docx

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Rows of Four Donuts


The Dublin Donut Shop has different sizes of boxes for their donuts. The smallest box of donuts has 4 donuts in a straight line or row. Larger boxes have rows of donuts with 4 on each row.  Use your cubes and draw pictures of the following boxes: 

 A small box of 4 donuts.                                                         A box with 2 rows of donuts

A box with 3 rows of donuts                                                  A box with 4 rows of donuts

 A box with 5 rows of donuts                                                  A box with 6 rows of donuts



Addition Equation

Multiplication Equation



1 x 4 = 4

















How did the addition equations help you write the multiplication equations? Give a specific example from your table.  

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