T4T Guess a Shape

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  1. Review two-dimensional shapes:

·            Show students the plane geometric shapes and ask them to name each.  This allows the teacher to assess the level of knowledge of names of shapes and to guide instruction.

·            Place the plane figures in a paper bag. Have a student place hand inside the bag, select, and name the selected shape without looking. Then remove shape from the bag and show it to peers. Repeat this until students are familiar with the shapes.

  1. Introduce the activity:

·            Organize students in pairs. Distribute bags of plane shapes to each pair.

·            Explain directions: 

o   Partner A reaches in the bag, touches a shape, and guesses its name without looking.  Partner A removes shape from bag and checks for accuracy.  He/she colors the corresponding shape on the recording sheet. 

o   Partner B takes a turn.

o   Turns continue until the teacher calls time. 

o   Partners complete the bottom part of their recording sheet.

  1. As students complete activity, circulate posing open-ended questions to access students’ thinking and understanding.

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