T4T Difference Train

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  1. Put attribute blocks in the paper bag.

  2. Allow each student to reach in the bag and pull out a piece without looking.

  3. Give students time to discuss their attribute blocks with each other.  They should be sure to discuss how their attribute blocks are alike and different from each other.

  4. Play music softly. Teacher holds up her block and describes it:  My block is a large yellow square.  It is thick.  As teacher is talking, s/he should be walking around the room so that all students can see block.

  5. The first student who stands up and can tell why his/her block is different in at least one way then holds the block up and follows behind the teacher.  Student must be very specific, “My block is different because it is a triangle and Ms. Teacher’s is a square.”

  6. The next student can join the train if his/her block is different from the previous students.

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