T4T A Shape by Any Other Name

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      1.  To review the attributes of shapes, go through the shapes (one at a time) having the students to generate a list of attributes. As students name the attributes, write them in on the tree map. 

      2.  Read the book to the students, discussing the photos and the text as the story is being read.

      3.  After reading the story, go back and revisit the pages with the bowls of noodles.

           As you read the pages, use the bowls containing the shapes to show what the noodles may have looked like. Take several of the triangle pieces out of the bowl and tape them to the board or to a piece of chart paper.  Be sure to position them in different ways so that the orientation on each one is different from the others.  Have students to talk to their math buddy about whether these are still triangles and why. Refer back to the tree map – have students decide if the shape still has all of the attributes listed on the map.

4.      Follow the same procedure with the rectangles and the squares.

5.      Put bowls of different sizes of paper shape cut outs in a center and allow students to create “Triangle” posters (or rectangle/squares).


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