T4T Candy Quick Flash

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  1. Review two components of fluency: flexibility and efficiency. (2-3 minutes)

  • Discuss: We have found many ways to walk to and from the cafeteria.  We are flexible when we know many ways to do something.  We are efficient when we choose the easiest way, taking the least amount of steps.  What is an efficient way to walk from the cafeteria to our classroom?

  • Say: Mathematicians are flexible when they know many ways to solve a problem.  They are efficient when they choose the easiest way that takes the least number of steps.  Today, we will work to be flexible and efficient.

  • Say: Subitizing helps us be efficient when finding “how many”.  Instead of counting each item, we can subitize, or instantly know the amount without counting.  We can subitizing the whole set or parts of a set. 

  1. Do a whole-group quick flash (3-5 minutes).

  • Say: Let’s practice efficiently finding “how many”.  I will show you a set of items.  Instead of counting each item, try to subitize the whole set or parts of the set.

  • Display a Candy Quick Flash cardfor 3-4 seconds. 

  • Say: Put your thumb to your chest when you know how many items are on the card.

  • Ask: How many items are on the card?  How did you find “how many”? 

  • Share some strategies students may not have mentioned.

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